Wednesday, December 19, 2018

VIDEO: Construction Nearly Complete

Construction is nearly complete at Maple Ventures. Take a look at our progress and stay tuned for details on our open house in 2019!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

12 Tools We Are Thankful For

As we near completion of construction here at Maple Ventures, we are extremely thankful for all the support it has taken to get the Entrepreneur Support Center from dream to reality. Taking a leap as a startup is no easy task and we are humbled to share the journey with some truly exceptional companies. On that note, we want to take a minute to share some appreciation for the tools that have made our lives as entrepreneurs easier and more productive along the way. Here are some our favorites.

Clay & Milk Magazine, a startup that supports startups, featured an article about Maple Ventures on their website. Click the "Read More" link to read the full article.

Almost a year ago, we began providing support to an early-stage company developing a wearable safety tracking device and a data collection platform, called MakuSafe. MakuSafe’s wearable technology product, designed for factory workers, is aimed at decreasing workplace injuries and death by tracking working conditions. In addition to tracking safety data, the company can collect all the data from different working conditions and share with employers and insurers to make safer work environments.

The Des Moines Register recently interviewed the team about their path to launch. Click "Read More" for Full Article.

West Des Moines, Iowa: Ramco Innovations recently launched an entrepreneur support center focused on industrial startups at its enhanced facility in the Valley Junction headquarters. The center, known as Maple Ventures, is designed to provide key infrastructure, knowledge, mentoring and workspace for early-stage companies with industrial hardware or software. The goal is to advance the growth of industrial businesses in Central Iowa, providing more jobs and access to new technologies in a range of industries.